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Hi! Thank you for stopping by to view my project. I'm Ronak Laungani and this project is to demonstrate my design and algorithmic abilities in front-end development. This is the first of many projects I've planned, where my aim is to not only design beautiful and intuitive web interfaces, but also to make sure they work. This project, for instance has following functionalities:

- The id of every selection you make is captured to give appropriate feedback at the top throughout the process.
- You can jump back to any previous steps and your selection will still be maintained.
- The color of the jersey is being updated dynamically with code based on your selection.
- The cart is programmed with all required calculations and it updates itself whenever a jersey is added or removed from the cart. Cart item also captures the required ids to show selected jersey, color, name, etc.
- The cart provides functionalities like free shipping above an order of certain amount.

I'm constantly updating my projects and you can see upcoming changes here in the future.
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