This is Ronak

put a mask on him


I'm a product designer and a motion designer with around three years of experience.

Current relationship status

Currently I'm designing experiences at Fidelity Investments in United States.

What I do

From ideation to defining requirements to building information architecture to hi-fi prototyping to making design systems to usability testing.

I can't get my eyes off

Sketch, Zeplin, ProtoPie, Illustrator, Sublime Text

Currently working on

New lottie files each week, a Spotify Playlist builder, a JD keywords matcher for design, my onion cutting skills

Learning new stuff

Augmented Reality (Adobe Aero), 3D Design (Unity / Unreal Engine)

Previously worked at

Cyberpassport, KheloMore Sports Pvt. Ltd., Cat Café Studio - Mumbai

I really enjoy

Traveling (sigh), cooking, playing soccer, redesigning my portfolio like a maniac, exploring food, following Cryptos

I'm very open to

Listening to your ideas and building them. I LOVE BUILDING THINGS

When no one's looking

Playing beats on my table and committing the crime of singing

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Résumé (Google Drive)

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"He has a perfect combination of great aesthetic sense, efficiency and usability."

- Mohit Lala, OutHere