This is Ronak

put a mask on him

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I'm a product designer right now. But my eventual goal is to round myself up as a product person or owner - by learning new skills constantly. This will allow me to grow capabilities that help me in leading teams in the future.

Current relationship status

Currently I'm designing experiences at Fidelity Investments in United States as a Sr. UX Designer

What I do

From ideation to defining requirements to building information architecture to hi-fi prototyping to making design systems to usability testing.

I can't get my eyes off

Figma, ProtoPie, Illustrator, Sublime Text

Currently working on

A JD keywords matcher for design, my onion cutting skills

Learning new stuff

iOS dev with XCode, 3D Design (Blender + Unreal Engine)

Previously worked at

Cyberpassport, KheloMore Sports Pvt. Ltd., Cat Café Studio - Mumbai

I really enjoy

Traveling (sigh), cooking, playing soccer, drumming, redesigning my portfolio like a maniac, exploring food

I'm very open to

Listening to your ideas and building them. I LOVE BUILDING THINGS

When no one's looking

Playing beats on my table and committing the crime of singing

"He has a perfect combination of great aesthetic sense, efficiency and usability."

- Mohit Lala, OutHere